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Light connects. It creates atmosphere, experiences and emotion. As a comprehensive LED supplier, we have the perfect answer for any light-related question. For you, for ourselves, and out of respect for the beauty around us. We’re guided by light.

Our company’s founder was fascinated by light even back in the 1960s. Our voyage of discovery eventually took us to the Far East, on the trail of the first LED strips and a new world full of enlightening opportunities. And the rest is history.

Now, decades later, we’ve become experienced specialists, producers, importers and knowledge suppliers of LED solutions, especially to wholesalers and the processing industry. In other words: we enable you to make a difference with light.

We can always help you find a lighting solution, no matter the challenge. And we keep that promise via our wide selection, our tailored solutions and our custom-made products. Because we get excited about advanced light technology.

But are we still the pioneers we used to be? Absolutely. As passionate explorers, we discover surprises every day in the endless possibilities that light can offer. So we’re always searching for the new wonders that the world of light has in store. Why don’t you join us?

Tronix. Guided by light.

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